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  • Developer: Tubi TV
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Version: 2.16
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Official information

Release Date April 2014
Developer Tubi TV
Publisher Tubi, Inc.
Genre Entertainment
Language English
System Android, iOS
Version 2.16


Tubi TV - The Legit Netflix Killer?

Hulu, Sling, SelectTV, CBS All access... So many names and so many apps, all striving to capitalize on our need for a daily dosage of a good emotional shake or a carefree, revitalizing laugh.

Unfortunately, most of them charge a regular fee, which may cause some considerable expenditures: for instance, Sling TV will cost you from $240 to $460 annually, depending on what plan you prefer.

At least there's a cavalcade of mobile applications powered by the ads and some of them are capable of providing quite decent entertainment. Our Tubi TV review will prove this point.

All the drama you can eat

The first thing about Tubi TV that bewilders you from the very start is its surprisingly big catalog, which is being updated every week, like clock-work. Second, unlike many other free TV and movie apps that stream relatively unknown flicks, Tubi TV offers a myriad of popular films and series.

The collection is truly tremendous, Tubi has such genres as:

  • Drama

  • Comedy

  • Horror

  • Thrillers

  • Family Movies

  • Kids Shows

  • Reality TV

  • Cult Classics

  • Preschool

You will find plenty of other genres in the "hamburger" menu on the left.

For example, if you're into the golden collection of hard rock music, you will enjoy Led Zeppelin: Dazed & Confused Documentary. Your children might be interested in Om Nom Stories or Kung-Fu Masters of the Zodiac. Anime fans will surely be pleased by Naruto and Ghost in the Shell. And a romantic evening of yours can be nicely complemented by My Funny Valentine.

Getting started with Tubi TV is easy: either log-in with your existing Facebook account or a create a new one in the app via your email, which by the way doesn't even require you to confirm the registration, before you can use Tubi.

What's interesting, Tubi can help you discover relatively nameless gems that major streaming platforms may lack - specifically try digging around the Documentary, Recently Added and other categories.

E.g. 80's surreal masterpiece Miami Connection, responsible for inspiring Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, can be found in the Cult Classics. And in the Indie category, you will discover a controversial and philosophical Bomb City.

Wishing for High Definition

The picture quality in Tubi TV app is surprisingly marvelous. Although occasional muddiness may happen once in a while due to connectivity lags, other than that  Tubi's audiovisual content can be legitimately attested as HD. It’s not 4/8k of course, but still something.

The interface is rather clean and laconic. You have:

·        Play/pause buttons.

·        15 seconds interval forward/rewind.

·        Send button, via which you can proudly share a good flick with your friends via the likes of WhatsApp etc.

·        Settings that enable you to lock the landscape mode or turn on the captions.

·        Search bar in which you can enter a film title you're after.

That's pretty much all of the functionality, except you can press on a movie name to add to the queue to watch it later. Tweaking video/sound quality is not an option at all, except regulating the volume. As for getting subtitles - it's unavailable either.

Each film or series episode is accompanied by a brief description, cast and director details and also the release date.

Perhaps the best part of your Tubi experience will be its short and merciful ads. Though it must be mentioned that they are unskippable. Remarkably the app doesn't force you into watching a long 50 seconds infomercial, instead of taking you to enjoy the movie instantly. You will be interrupted three times - mostly in the middle, but at least your nerves, patience and dignity will be safe from pop-up advertisements - they are non-existent in Tubi.

If you own a Chromecast, you can synchronize Tubi with your TV-set and savor the free shows on the bigger screen. Fortunately, the video quality doesn't radically drop down in this mode, so you don't have to worry about the picture getting pixelated and muddy.

Is Tubi TV worth a shot?

You rarely can find a streaming app that is as generous and benevolent as Tubi TV. Voluminous collection of movies, TV-shows and series with only three little commercials as the only necessary toll - sounds like a good deal!

Sure Tubi can't brag of big-name TV-sagas like The Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, How I Met Your Mother, Dr. House and some other show-stealers. But it has a load of other popular products, smooth performance, noninvasive privacy policy and also Tubi TV download costs nothing. So far it's one of the best alternatives to cable TV for mobile platforms.


Tubi TV may not be a full-grown substitute for Netflix and its imitators, but it's the leading app in the free movie-streaming segment.


  • Older films prevail
  • Austere functionality
  • No movie download option
  • Rare visual muddiness
  • Ads interrupt you in the middle


  • Free of charge
  • Has only three brief ads
  • Terrific audio/video quality
  • Impressive movie catalog
  • Chromecast compatibility
Gameplay controls