Tubi TV Review 2019 Tubi TV Firestick: The Best Way of Accessing Tubi on Amazon Devices Are you exhausted of paying monthly for Hulu or Netflix, or want a broader set of choices for your TV streaming services need? If so, then you may want to give a Tubi TV a try- like other types of TV streaming platform out there, you can access this platform free, ad-supported streaming content service which you can access on any types of devices. What is Tubi TV? Tubi or also known as Tubi TV is stocked with an array of licensed television shows and movies from across the years; the broad selection is particularly hit or miss. But, this platform does lots of compelling movies and TV shows on offer, and there is no premium element in play; you will never need to use to your credit card. There is no original content and little in the way of current releases. However, the selection is broad and is updated daily. Features As mentioned above, Tubi Tv is free and can be accessed from almost any modern decide you tend to wield. More significantly, it has lots of free contents available- more than Project Free Tv and other platforms based on browsing the extensive listings. Tubi has over 50,000 titles in its collection, with partnerships with Paramount, Lionsgate, Starz and MGM helping to keep the content coffers full. Granted, you may not be bound to see everything on this platform, and that is about more than just liking. Tubi Tv has a fair number of random junk that fills up its collections with straight to DVD movies and lots of other generic looking-fare which you have never seen and heard before. It is not anywhere close as curated for superiority as premium service is likely to be, and you will need to dig around to look for the good stuff. How to Access Tubi TV Tubi is relatively much everywhere in terms of devices and platform. You can access it through the website on your laptop or desktop, while native apps are accessible on tablets and smartphones not to mention game consoles and set-top boxes. Tubi works well without buffering. Of course, buffering is reliant on how fast your internet connection is provided that the fact that you have a good connection, you shouldn’t experience any issues in buggering. If you’re getting your new Amazon Fire TV device, set up this device is worth getting. Looking for an app that does not buffer and provides impressive content and TV shows is hard to come by. Tubi TV is one of the top-rated apps for streaming today. What makes this app apart from the rest is that it can be installed to your Amazon Fire TV/Stick with ease. Setting up Tubi TV on your Amazon Fire TV is simple, and there is no need of using any other app to get this setup on your device. All you need to do is to follow the guide below to get this free streaming platform installed onto your Amazon Fire Stick. How to Install Tubi TV on Your Amazon Fire TV/Stick To setup Tubi TV on Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV, all you need to do is to follow these steps. Go to the Home Screen of your device  Scroll the menu and choose the search  Key in "Tubi"  Choose the Tubi TV app that is shown under Apps and Games  Choose or click Get to Download for free, and you will be all set Also, you can find Tubi app by browsing through the Movies and TV category in the App section Go to the Home Screen. Scroll in the menu and choose Apps. Choose Categories. Choose Movies and TV. Scroll in the apps until you come across Tubi TV Click “Get to download for free,” and you will be all set! See, installing Tubi TV onto your Amazon Fire TV/Stick is fast and easy, it only takes about 1 to 3 minutes, it depends on the condition of your internet connection How to Sign Up Tubi TV on Amazon Fire TV/Stick Now that you already installed the app onto your Amazon Fire TV/ Stick, next thing you need to learn is to sign up Tubi TV on your Amazon device. To sign up, you have to follow these simple steps: Open the app from your Amazon Home Screen and click Register or Sign In Click Link Account or Register Follow the instruction on Amazon Fire Stick screen, and your computer visit Choose Register with Email or Register with Facebook Fill out the information required and choose Register Then, enter the activation code which is shown on Amazon Firescreen Your Amazon Fire Stick will automatically update, and now you will be logged in and have access to your history and queue. How to Log in Tubi TV on Amazon Devices Aside from knowing how to sign up Tubi Tv on Amazon device, you also need to know how to log into this app on your Amazon Fire Stick. There two easy to log in; email and through a web browser: Log in Tubi TV with Email Open the app After opening, you will see the Tubi TV home screen with the categories of TV shows and movies listed on the left portion of the home screen. Click Search and Sign In Click “Sign In." Click “Sign In via Email." Key in the password and email add related to your current Tubi TV account Choose Sign In Now you will have access to your history and queue on Amazon devices. Log in Tubi TV with a Web Browser Follow this step if you want to log into the app with a web browser Open the app and choose Register or Sign In Choose Link Account or Register Follow the steps shown on Amazon Fire Stick or TV screen. Visit Choose Sign in or Have an Account? Choose Sign in with Facebook. Key in the code which is shown on your device on the activation code field on your laptop or desktop Click Submit and the Amazon Fire TV screen will be updated automatically. Continue Reading What happened to Tubi TV After Hours? After Hours is a channel available for grow up public of Tubi TV. At least, it was the popular channel on Tubi TV. The last updated version of this channel was before 2018 year. That is when it disappeared. There is no After Hours Channel in v.2.14.4 of Tubi app. Tubi TV offers over 50 000 different titles of movies and TV shows, separated by genres to watch for free. You can find anime, comedies, crime, cartoons, drama, music movies, horrors, and even foreign languages movies. You don’t have to pay for it or subscribe. Once you decided to download the app or watch movies from Tubi website, you can create an account there, to make sure that R rating movies are available for you. What really happened to After Hours Tubi TV? While many of users still looking and asking for Tubi TV After Hours, you will not be able to find it anywhere. After Hours Channel was removed from the program. The situation was not officially explained by Tubi TV owners. However, many of users believe that this channel was restricted by the policy of Tubi. The app positions itself as the entertainment for all family, so there is no place for After Hours. Tubi TV offers movies and shows for kids, and they don’t need to register there. Adults can watch horrors, or movies that contain violent scenes only after registration and confirmation that they are Mature. All the movies are legal and have been placed on Tubi after allowance of copyright owners. Tubi provides great quality of video. Most of the movies have HD quality. Every couple of days Tubi adds new movies. You can check updates on Fridays. No chance that you will run out of the movies or TV shows, after you signed in to Tubi TV. And moves of them are usually highly rated on IMDb. However, you will not find After Hours shows now, since the policy of Tubi was changed. When did it happen? Apparently, after 2017 year, Tubi decided to check its policy for good. In 2018 year, when Tubi released its latest review, it also closed $25 million capital facility with the Silicon Valley Bank. According to Tubi developers, it helps to increase the quality of content and help to offer more TV shows and movies. Their ability to survive on the market, trying to fight paid services of Netflix or Hulu, depended on them. Probably, the company chose wider audience to After Hours content for grownups. And while they removed the After Hours Channel, Tubi TV managed to close 4th financial quarter of the same 2018 with profit. This event was significant for the company and changed the goals of Tubi. They revealed that all the extra money they gathered will be reinvested in the content for the upcoming year. According to the official data, in 2018 revenue growth reached 180 percent. Viewers watched 4.3 times more the content of their website. The Tubi TV exists since 2014 year, when it was founded by Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks. Since that time they increased the number of genres they could offer legally on Tubi. After a while they came to positioning itself as family-friendly entertainment with a strict policy of parental control. Parental Control on Tubi TV After Hours’ disappearance was not officially explained. Many users were asking the same question about it. At first Tubi replied that they will restore the Chanel in a few months or sooner. However, after a year of waiting it became obvious that they will not restore the channel. Meanwhile, Tubi officials restricted the access to R rated content to its viewers. They modified settings for Parental Control so parents could block some of the movies and shows easily. For now, all they have to do is to go back to the Tubi app and sign in. After that go to Account Settings and pick Parental Controls. There is a level of parental controls you may choose. After you choose the limitations of content just press to save it, and enter the password again. That is it. Now your children can be protected from unwanted content. After Hours Channel was an offer from the Tubi TV for adults. Due to the current family-friendly policy of Tubi, it was removed in the 2018 year. While some users expect to see After Hours back, unlikely it will happen in the nearest future.   Continue Reading How much does Tubi TV cost? Tubi TV is a free alternative to Netflix. It is not as popular as Netflix and it is not available in Europe for now. Still, Tubi is not a newbie on the market. Since 2014 millions of iOS and Android owners downloaded and watched their favorite movies. So, how much does Tubi TV cost for real? This is the main question in the times of paid services. The truth is, Tubi costs nothing. Even if you want to pay for it, you can’t. It does not matter whether you are a subscribed member of the Tubi community or not. It is hard to believe, but the absence of paid options can be both advantage and disadvantage of Tubi TV at the same time. Tubi does not cost a penny, so this is good news. Tubi survives because of multiple ads. So, basically, you receive the same number of ads you see during the normal session of the show on national TV or during Super Bowl. Perhaps, you got used to watching commercials, while you can’t skip them even in the theater. But those people who prefer to pay for not seeing the ads can forget about Tubi. There is no offer for you. No paid subscription, no extra benefits, no premium accounts. Sometimes commercials will jump up before the movie or TV show and in the middle of the session. However, some shows are stuffed with just one or two ads. Some of them does not have ads at all if Tubi has an agreement for bonus movies or free movies from the copyright owners. The less popular shows have fewer ads in it. The question of commercials Ads are some kind of payment for Tubi TV. If you want to use it for free, be ready to watch commercials. While they can be added before and in the middle of the movie, usually they are short. All you have to do is to wait for several seconds. On average, one episode of the show contains 30 second commercial before the beginning, and either 15 seconds or 30 seconds ads during its play. It is not the strict schedule for ads. Sometimes you will not see any commercials at the beginning, but there will be extended 45 seconds commercials in the middle. This is not actually so bad, if you think about it. Every movie and TV show has a  different pack of commercials. And the ad appears almost every time after you continue to watch a movie after the pause. Some of the most popular videos contain more ads than others. For example, you will see ads in Oldboy movie for every 15 minutes or so. Still, if you watch movies or shows on TV you are used to the much worse and longer commercials. Access to the Tubi Tubi is really easy to access. It runs on almost any platform and device. You can even watch Tubi from official website on your computer and run it through the app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is also free to download, and you can find it at the official app’s store. Tubi is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. They already have this app as native, so you don’t have to download it. You will need to create your account on Tubi if you want to watch movies with R ratings or higher. The account is also free. All you need to do is confirm your Maturity through it. It does not take much time to register, which will open new options for you. Tubi will remember the shows and movies you’ve just watched, and will recommend you new ones based on preferences. Main Features Tubi TV is free and accessible on any device popular nowadays. So, that’s a good start. It has lots of free content, as it library continues to grow. According to Tubi’s developers, they are going to extend the catalog of movies significantly in the upcoming years. For now, it has over 50 000 different titles, as they signed contracts with movie moguls like Paramount, Lionsgate, Starz and MGM. This year they will spend more money to make more contracts with other companies and add new movies. You will have to dig for gems in this collection. There are awards winning movies coming hand in hand with B rated trash. Of course, since the Tubi TV is free you will not see the freshly released blockbusters. Meanwhile, you are able to watch movies that appeared at the beginning of the era of movie making. You may find movies from less popular movie directors, with legendary stars, in uncommon genres. If you are a fan of art house movies, there may be so much to discover. True fans of cinema will be able to satisfy their tastes as well. All they have to do if pick the category and scroll down until they find something worth of looking for. Every month Tubi ads a few movies or TV shows. Not many of them you are able to see on modern TV channels. TV shows like Alf, IT Crowd, movies like Mulholland Drive, can be found there as well. You can check for newcomers at the official website of Tubi TV. The quality of movies on Tubi is usually great. Everything in high definition since it was released by its creators. Some of them may look like they have DVD quality. Every movie and TV show is watchable. You will see the information on its quality, among the actors, director, genre, and description of the plot. The gaps Before you enter Tubi TV and create your profile, you need to know all its weak sides as well. As it was mentioned several times above, Tubi works on ads, so there is no chance you will avoid it. You may see a fewer number of it in the less popular movies. However, the ads will be there anyway. You may either get used to it or pay for Netflix subscription. Another obvious problem is that Tubi does not have blockbusters. No Green Book or Captain Marvel or at least for now. You have to wait. If you don’t want to wait and are eager to watch new episodes of your favorite shows, go to paid services. Tubi TV is one of the best alternatives among free movie apps. It works on almost all devices and content enormous library which grows each new week. If you don’t afraid to watch ads for a few seconds, this is a nice option to try.   Continue Reading What is tubi tv for mobile? Legal tv streaming app Tubi is a young and free TV app with a quickly growing library and audience. Since this app can be downloaded on any device either Android or iOS, there are many questions appeared about its safety. This app is supported by commercials which give the opportunity to be free of charge and use licensed movies. How safe it can be? Unlike other free TV apps, it does not use a pirate content. Instead, it offers you totally legal content with several ads during the session. Its library contains 40 000 titles and quickly growing. It does not have unique content like Netflix, so you may find it less entertaining. Before you make any decisions, read this article and check Tubi app by yourself. You have nothing to lose. Legitimacy of Tubi If you were wondering - is Tubi TV legal, you may relax. All of the titles offered by the app are completely legit. They are either licensed or provided by the studio on a short-term basis as a promotion. Tubi has an agreement with Paramount that gives them 50 movies per month. How does it pay for prices licenses? Tubi is supported by ads. That is how it can afford to buy popular movies. Developers of the app confirm that this year they plan to spend twice more from the last year to buy new TV shows and films. Tubi Library. What is it? The app has its own unique collection of movie you may be interested in. It does not contain all blockbusters that came on big screens recently, but it can offer more than 7 000 films made by Paramount, ShowTime and MGM. There are genres that cover all the basic tastes of movie fans. There are lots of Japanese anime as well. The library can offer entertainment for people of all genders, races, social status, and age from 10 to 60+. If you are looking for popular releases everyone talks about, you may consider using other services as well. The same goes for TV shows. Still, there is a classic you’ll enjoy. Interface This app uses very clear, understandable and organized interface in the app and on the website. It is not complicated and easy to learn. You can sort the content by genre, search the movie or show by the name. If you will go through quick registration, you will be allowed to watch movies from an R rating and higher, and also to receive suggestions from Tubi. Registration opens you more possibilities like put it into the queue, continue from the place you left, etc. There are no problems in using the app. There is still hard to find cursor while the film is running, so you can’t scroll it up and down. And still, why would you need it? Quality questions Tubi TV sounds like it is too good to be true, actually. It has minor gaps and annoying ads for sure, but is this it? As it is free, Tubi TV does not offer the best quality in the world. There is no HD and on the big screen, you’ll see grain. When you will try to skip forward, prepare to see buffering. Just wait for a second. To make buffering less annoying check the speed of your internet connection. Ads on Tubi TV Yes, Tubi runs on ads. This is a price for a licensed content that users receive for free. But! Not all movies and shows contain ads. The biggest number of ads you can see in the most popular offers. Usually, there are up to 3 small ads during or before the picture. In some movies from MGM or Paramount, there are no ads. Tubi’s maximum number of ads is 5, while other free services contain 10 and more ads in one show. There is a huge classic collection of movies and shows with no or few ads inside. Tubi TV app is easy to navigate and safe to use. It has licensed content and library big enough to satisfy demanding tastes of movie fans. The app works smoothly on iOS and Android devices as well. Continue Reading