Tubi TV Review 2019

Tubi TV Review 2019

Tubi TV Firestick: The Best Way of Accessing Tubi on Amazon Devices

Are you exhausted of paying monthly for Hulu or Netflix, or want a broader set of choices for your TV
streaming services need? If so, then you may want to give a Tubi TV a try- like other types of TV
streaming platform out there, you can access this platform free, ad-supported streaming content service
which you can access on any types of devices.

What is Tubi TV?

Tubi or also known as Tubi TV is stocked with an array of licensed television shows and movies from
across the years; the broad selection is particularly hit or miss. But, this platform does lots of compelling
movies and TV shows on offer, and there is no premium element in play; you will never need to use to
your credit card. There is no original content and little in the way of current releases. However, the
selection is broad and is updated daily.


As mentioned above, Tubi Tv is free and can be accessed from almost any modern decide you tend to
wield. More significantly, it has lots of free contents available- more than Project Free Tv and other
platforms based on browsing the extensive listings. Tubi has over 50,000 titles in its collection, with
partnerships with Paramount, Lionsgate, Starz and MGM helping to keep the content coffers full.

Granted, you may not be bound to see everything on this platform, and that is about more than just
liking. Tubi Tv has a fair number of random junk that fills up its collections with straight to DVD movies
and lots of other generic looking-fare which you have never seen and heard before. It is not anywhere
close as curated for superiority as premium service is likely to be, and you will need to dig around to
look for the good stuff.

How to Access Tubi TV

Tubi is relatively much everywhere in terms of devices and platform. You can access it through the
website on your laptop or desktop, while native apps are accessible on tablets and smartphones not to
mention game consoles and set-top boxes.

Tubi works well without buffering. Of course, buffering is reliant on how fast your internet connection is
provided that the fact that you have a good connection, you shouldn’t experience any issues in

If you’re getting your new Amazon Fire TV device, set up this device is worth getting. Looking for an app
that does not buffer and provides impressive content and TV shows is hard to come by. Tubi TV is one of
the top-rated apps for streaming today. What makes this app apart from the rest is that it can be
installed to your Amazon Fire TV/Stick with ease.

Setting up Tubi TV on your Amazon Fire TV is simple, and there is no need of using any other app to get
this setup on your device. All you need to do is to follow the guide below to get this free streaming
platform installed onto your Amazon Fire Stick.

How to Install Tubi TV on Your Amazon Fire TV/Stick

To setup Tubi TV on Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV, all you need to do is to follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Home Screen of your device
  2.  Scroll the menu and choose the search
  3.  Key in "Tubi"
  4.  Choose the Tubi TV app that is shown under Apps and Games
  5.  Choose or click Get to Download for free, and you will be all set

Also, you can find Tubi app by browsing through the Movies and TV category in the App section

  • Go to the Home Screen.
  • Scroll in the menu and choose Apps.
  • Choose Categories.
  • Choose Movies and TV.
  • Scroll in the apps until you come across Tubi TV
  • Click “Get to download for free,” and you will be all set!

See, installing Tubi TV onto your Amazon Fire TV/Stick is fast and easy, it only takes about 1 to 3
minutes, it depends on the condition of your internet connection

How to Sign Up Tubi TV on Amazon Fire TV/Stick

Now that you already installed the app onto your Amazon Fire TV/ Stick, next thing you need to learn is
to sign up Tubi TV on your Amazon device.

To sign up, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app from your Amazon Home Screen and click Register or Sign In
  2. Click Link Account or Register
  3. Follow the instruction on Amazon Fire Stick screen, and your computer visit
  4. Choose Register with Email or Register with Facebook
  5. Fill out the information required and choose Register
  6. Then, enter the activation code which is shown on Amazon Firescreen

Your Amazon Fire Stick will automatically update, and now you will be logged in and have access to your
history and queue.

How to Log in Tubi TV on Amazon Devices

Aside from knowing how to sign up Tubi Tv on Amazon device, you also need to know how to log into
this app on your Amazon Fire Stick. There two easy to log in; email and through a web browser:

  • Log in Tubi TV with Email
  • Open the app

After opening, you will see the Tubi TV home screen with the categories of TV shows and movies listed
on the left portion of the home screen.

  • Click Search and Sign In
  • Click “Sign In."
  • Click “Sign In via Email."
  • Key in the password and email add related to your current Tubi TV account
  • Choose Sign In

Now you will have access to your history and queue on Amazon devices.

  • Log in Tubi TV with a Web Browser
  • Follow this step if you want to log into the app with a web browser
  • Open the app and choose Register or Sign In
  • Choose Link Account or Register
  • Follow the steps shown on Amazon Fire Stick or TV screen. Visit tubitv.com/activate.
  • Choose Sign in or Have an Account?
  • Choose Sign in with Facebook.
  • Key in the code which is shown on your device on the activation code field on your laptop or
  • Click Submit and the Amazon Fire TV screen will be updated automatically.