What happened to Tubi TV After Hours?

After Hours is a channel available for grow up public of Tubi TV. At least, it was the popular channel on Tubi TV. The last updated version of this channel was before 2018 year. That is when it disappeared. There is no After Hours Channel in v.2.14.4 of Tubi app.

Tubi TV offers over 50 000 different titles of movies and TV shows, separated by genres to watch for free. You can find anime, comedies, crime, cartoons, drama, music movies, horrors, and even foreign languages movies. You don’t have to pay for it or subscribe. Once you decided to download the app or watch movies from Tubi website, you can create an account there, to make sure that R rating movies are available for you.

What really happened to After Hours Tubi TV?

While many of users still looking and asking for Tubi TV After Hours, you will not be able to find it anywhere. After Hours Channel was removed from the program. The situation was not officially explained by Tubi TV owners. However, many of users believe that this channel was restricted by the policy of Tubi. The app positions itself as the entertainment for all family, so there is no place for After Hours.

Tubi TV offers movies and shows for kids, and they don’t need to register there. Adults can watch horrors, or movies that contain violent scenes only after registration and confirmation that they are Mature. All the movies are legal and have been placed on Tubi after allowance of copyright owners.

Tubi provides great quality of video. Most of the movies have HD quality. Every couple of days Tubi adds new movies. You can check updates on Fridays. No chance that you will run out of the movies or TV shows, after you signed in to Tubi TV. And moves of them are usually highly rated on IMDb. However, you will not find After Hours shows now, since the policy of Tubi was changed.

When did it happen?

Apparently, after 2017 year, Tubi decided to check its policy for good. In 2018 year, when Tubi released its latest review, it also closed $25 million capital facility with the Silicon Valley Bank. According to Tubi developers, it helps to increase the quality of content and help to offer more TV shows and movies. Their ability to survive on the market, trying to fight paid services of Netflix or Hulu, depended on them. Probably, the company chose wider audience to After Hours content for grownups. And while they removed the After Hours Channel, Tubi TV managed to close 4th financial quarter of the same 2018 with profit.

This event was significant for the company and changed the goals of Tubi. They revealed that all the extra money they gathered will be reinvested in the content for the upcoming year. According to the official data, in 2018 revenue growth reached 180 percent. Viewers watched 4.3 times more the content of their website.

The Tubi TV exists since 2014 year, when it was founded by Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks. Since that time they increased the number of genres they could offer legally on Tubi. After a while they came to positioning itself as family-friendly entertainment with a strict policy of parental control.

Parental Control on Tubi TV

After Hours’ disappearance was not officially explained. Many users were asking the same question about it. At first Tubi replied that they will restore the Chanel in a few months or sooner. However, after a year of waiting it became obvious that they will not restore the channel.

Meanwhile, Tubi officials restricted the access to R rated content to its viewers. They modified settings for Parental Control so parents could block some of the movies and shows easily. For now, all they have to do is to go back to the Tubi app and sign in. After that go to Account Settings and pick Parental Controls.

There is a level of parental controls you may choose. After you choose the limitations of content just press to save it, and enter the password again. That is it. Now your children can be protected from unwanted content.

After Hours Channel was an offer from the Tubi TV for adults. Due to the current family-friendly policy of Tubi, it was removed in the 2018 year. While some users expect to see After Hours back, unlikely it will happen in the nearest future.