What is tubi tv for mobile? Legal tv streaming app

What is tubi tv for mobile? Legal tv streaming app

Tubi is a young and free TV app with a quickly growing library and audience. Since this app can be downloaded on any device either Android or iOS, there are many questions appeared about its safety. This app is supported by commercials which give the opportunity to be free of charge and use licensed movies. How safe it can be?

Unlike other free TV apps, it does not use a pirate content. Instead, it offers you totally legal content with several ads during the session. Its library contains 40 000 titles and quickly growing. It does not have unique content like Netflix, so you may find it less entertaining. Before you make any decisions, read this article and check Tubi app by yourself. You have nothing to lose.

Legitimacy of Tubi

If you were wondering - is Tubi TV legal, you may relax. All of the titles offered by the app are completely legit. They are either licensed or provided by the studio on a short-term basis as a promotion. Tubi has an agreement with Paramount that gives them 50 movies per month.

How does it pay for prices licenses? Tubi is supported by ads. That is how it can afford to buy popular movies. Developers of the app confirm that this year they plan to spend twice more from the last year to buy new TV shows and films.

Tubi Library. What is it?

The app has its own unique collection of movie you may be interested in. It does not contain all blockbusters that came on big screens recently, but it can offer more than 7 000 films made by Paramount, ShowTime and MGM. There are genres that cover all the basic tastes of movie fans.

There are lots of Japanese anime as well. The library can offer entertainment for people of all genders, races, social status, and age from 10 to 60+. If you are looking for popular releases everyone talks about, you may consider using other services as well. The same goes for TV shows. Still, there is a classic you’ll enjoy.


This app uses very clear, understandable and organized interface in the app and on the website. It is not complicated and easy to learn. You can sort the content by genre, search the movie or show by the name.

If you will go through quick registration, you will be allowed to watch movies from an R rating and higher, and also to receive suggestions from Tubi. Registration opens you more possibilities like put it into the queue, continue from the place you left, etc. There are no problems in using the app. There is still hard to find cursor while the film is running, so you can’t scroll it up and down. And still, why would you need it?

Quality questions

Tubi TV sounds like it is too good to be true, actually. It has minor gaps and annoying ads for sure, but is this it? As it is free, Tubi TV does not offer the best quality in the world. There is no HD and on the big screen, you’ll see grain. When you will try to skip forward, prepare to see buffering. Just wait for a second. To make buffering less annoying check the speed of your internet connection.

Ads on Tubi TV

Yes, Tubi runs on ads. This is a price for a licensed content that users receive for free. But! Not all movies and shows contain ads. The biggest number of ads you can see in the most popular offers. Usually, there are up to 3 small ads during or before the picture.

In some movies from MGM or Paramount, there are no ads. Tubi’s maximum number of ads is 5, while other free services contain 10 and more ads in one show. There is a huge classic collection of movies and shows with no or few ads inside.

Tubi TV app is easy to navigate and safe to use. It has licensed content and library big enough to satisfy demanding tastes of movie fans. The app works smoothly on iOS and Android devices as well.