Tubi TV app: Everything you need to know about the free movie and TV streaming service

Tubi TV app: Everything you need to know about the free movie and TV streaming service

Tubi TV app is relatively new at the market but already is called an alternative to such paid services as Hulu or Netflix. In the plans for 2019 Tubi has to add about $100 million on licensed content. Last year, it spent just half of this number. The company is going to bring all content that is available to their customers.

Tubi is the free video service that works on almost all devices whether you want tubi tv app download ios or Android. It is supported by ads, so you need to take that in mind. This TV app offers multiple numbers of TV shows and films. It does not produce its own content, but it gathers the most interesting and enjoyable pictures in one place.

The cost of the app

Let’s talk about the real cost behind all the promised free content. And the price you have to pay for Tubi TV is $0. The main policy of the company is that they don’t have any premium accounts, paid options, and so on. And yet, since this app is completely ad-supported, you will see ads before the movie and during. Well, for those who missed the feeling of the old-school TV with commercials, it is a come back to another era.

Do you remember the time when you were able to go and make popcorn while the commercials were running? Unfortunately, you will not have such a luxury here since ads are short. There will be a 30 second short commercial before the movie and 15 and 30 seconds commercials somewhere at the middle of watching tubi tv. Is it free? Yeah. Can you switch off ads? Nope.

The number and time for ads vary in the movie you are going to watch as well. Some of them have just one ad at the beginning, others can be interrupted during the run. Still, there are fewer ads than in Crackle.

Access to the Tubi TV app

This app is available almost everywhere. It works on any popular device. At first, you may try to watch it through the website from the desktop of your computer. If you don’t have a big TV screen you want to connect with Tubi, try tablet or smartphone version. All you have to do is to download the app on your device.

You can get tubi tv download on your iOS and Android devices, as well as on a computer, and even game consoles. You don’t have to log in every time you want to watch something. However, everything that goes with R rating can’t be opened without free account where you confirm your age. You can also use this account to receive a recommendation, pick the shows you would like to watch, remember where you stopped watching the show, so this is why register tubi tv is important.

Key Features of Tubi

Perhaps, the main feature of the app is that it is completely free and can be accessed on any possible tubi tv devices.

The app has lots of movie and TV shows that may be interesting for you, and developers constantly add something new to keep the audience coming. For now, it has 50 000 titles in the library, with more to come.

There is a system that recommends movies for you, based on the previous material you already watched.

Tubi or Netflix

It is a tough question since Netflix is a giant corporation with its own movie production and the best library. However, it is not free. Over the years the fee for Netflix’ subscription is rising, while Tubi offers everything for free but with ads inside.

You may try Tubi and Netflix, check the benefits and leave one or use them both at the same time. Unlikely, Tubi will take Netflix’s place one day. Still, it can get much better in upcoming years.

Tubi is a free TV app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices, computers, PlayStation. It is supported by commercials, so there is a chance you will see 2-3 of them during the movie. Tubi has lots of movies and shows to offer already and its developers continue to add more of them in the library.